There will be a query to know the term “PSYCHOLOGY” and its types in your mind. We will discuss it below.


The direct meaning of the word

Word Psychology comes from two Greek Word Psyche and Logos. Psyche Means Soul and Logos Means Study. Direct Meaning of the Word Psychology means studies of Soul. we used to consider psychology a part of the first philosophy. At that time we studied psychology as disciplines, behaviours etc.

Father of psychology

 Psychology was considered to be the branch of Philosophy. After1879 Wilhelm Wundt, who is called Father of Psychology, had established the First Experimental Lab which was established in 1879. From there, it got a new look and people interest in Psychology increased. Psychology was defined by Wilhelm Wundt, he said that the study of Consciousness.

The study of the soul was underway before the 1879 Precinct Period Psychology. After 1879 Study of Consciousness, which Wilhelm Wundt said, that in it we do not talk about Soul, we do not talk about Mind, inside it we study about Consciousness.

Consciousness means at present what are you thinking, what are your thoughts, at present, what is Mentally Cognitive Processing? Studying what is going on is Psychology Awarding, Wilhelm Wundt.

types of behavior

Definition by APA

APA (American Psychological Association) He gave a definition of Psychology. He told it is the Scientific Study of Human Behavior and Mental Processes.

The final definition

It is a systematical study of Human Behavior. Contains Behavior and Mental Processes.


There are four types of goal given below






The first important goal is measurement. You must be wondering how measurement in Psychology came about. One is physical measurement and the other is a psychological measurement. In Psychological measurement, we are the speciality of a person who is the attribute of our human personality, like intelligence has become, interest has been attained, all these are measured through tests. That measurement is called PSYCHOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT

There are some tools for measuring Humans attributes, some experiments are done, some tests are done. The test has some quality, validity and reliability. Now we will understand these two terms. Validity means that the test you have made to measure any attribute, any Enzyte, personality, intelligence. It is the test to measure the attribute.

Reliability means that you are applying for a test today. Like I did the intelligence test today. Today my intelligence is high. after some days I do it again, that time my intelligence level is low. that means my test is not reliable. After some time interval, the score changes. Measuring Psychological Attributes Through Psychological Tests and Experiments.


The description is the second goal after measurement.

I measured intelligence. By measuring the intelligence, my daily score came, which I can see about the intelligence level of the award of my subject which I saw in the manual, how is the intelligence level. The better the measurement is, the more the entire description will be based on it.


After the measurement the next goal is prediction. The better the measurement is, the better the description will be, and we can predict it based on the description.

Take an example, a person has a high intelligence level. we can predict that he will achieve his goal definitely.


After prediction, the next goal is to control. You will be wondering how the matter of Goal came here! How can Goal control Psychology?

internal of mind

If any human has a behaviour imbalance, then that person gets disturbed. After that, he gets depressed. some peoples are not able to do routine work. they have gone into depression We will decipher his measurement through his Enzyte level, his depression level, his phobia. By measuring this, we will decipher it. After describing, we can prove that it is very disturbing, in depression. on the basis of prediction, we can control our behaviour.

By the help of 3 technique, we can control the disturbing behaviour. These three techniques are shaving, modelling and psychological therapy.

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