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true love

In Sanskrit love means prem. The word ‘Prem’ comes from param. The meaning of pram is highest or supreme. There is nothing before that. If you want to express love and emotion then, first of all, you should come to observe. To observe anything, you should come to stay first. We can never experience love in a hurry.

Have you seen Full Moon Night? Do you see the moon? Actually it is not the moon, it is a reflection of the light. Does it look light? There is a light between the earth and the Sun and it is travelling. Does it look light or is it dark there? So what we are calling light is to be dark in actually. What we call light is dark in actually. As soon as this light and moon meet each other, then that light was darkness now it becomes light. And the moon is not what it was. This is called love.

There are three-way to experience love

1- One way is that you are you.

If light express about love then how will we? Light wandered alone for millions of days then it was equal to not being there. Till then he did not know that he was light. But it turned to light as soon as you same. Life comes with me. Life has darkness in its life. It is a real fact that the light is dark. Who lighted the light, be the one who does not have light in himself. There is no light in the moon itself. When these two meets then something happens. One darkness which you call light and another darkness which you call the moon, they are both complete. He then praises the light moon.

true love of couple
true love of a couple

 Without the moon, there is no existence of life and without light, there is no existence of the moon. They both are incomplete without each other. This means that you are you.

2- I am everything

There is a part to see a love one way is that you are you and another is I am everything. That is also love. You must have seen the rainbow in the rainy season. Have you ever imagined seeing that rainbow? The one you are calling rainbow that you may have seen the image in the book. There are seven colours. When you see that in the sky and you say that it is beautiful. You do not call it a rainbow. By the way, you have also seen the moon.

symbol of true love
symbol of true love

To see the rainbow in the right way is to get lost while looking at it. You will see something you have never seen before. Can you see the rainbow without light? Actually this rainbow is a wave of light. Whatever is the right sight, it can lead us to love. Whatever is the wrong sight, we overcome it with love. Makes us smaller inside. Makes us selfish. What separates us from others. Typically that is the eyes of the world.

Commitment is necessary for any relationship. It has no relation to love. Commitment is necessary only because to maintain order in society. Whose sight is right, he does not need 100 people to experience love. One is enough to experience that love.

As if one mirror is enough to see for yourself. If no one wants to see, then you cannot show them by showing a thousand mirrors. One who understands love and one who experiences love? He does not need thousands, only one is enough.

Light is looking at the rainbow is seeing different colours of the rainbow. One of those colours is red, one is blue, one is yellow this is all that is. So how am I seeing this and I am that too? I am the only one. This is not an ego type statement.

 I am all colours. It is love to know myself. When you see I am that light and everything is happening on that light. There is such a material in the world which is in everything, everything is happening in it. A is looking from inside his body and what B sees from inside in his body both are same. I am meeting myself, we call it love.

Take an example, If your tooth accidentally cuts off your tongue then what do you do? You do not punish your teeth because that is yours. Your teeth and tongue are different, yet they are yours.

To be separated in love is love.

3- neither am I nor are you.

There is an eye as if there are two different waves in a river. It can be a look that is the wave’s eye which is the eye of the world. Where both waves are looking for someone. Have you ever thought that they are looking for someone? Dreaming is not love or attachment. Love is one that does not let you sleep.

And what could be the second look? If you go into a river and touches any waves, you are touching that water. All waves are a form of water. There is water only.

If you will be like waves you will hate anyone. If you will be like water then you cannot hate anyone. The waves that can pretend from outside can show itself normal but cannot be normal inside. It has bad eyesight. In the sight of waves, there will be fighting and fights both outsides and inside as well.

There are many people who do not fight outside but do inside. Because they do not have to dare. When there is no fight inside it is love. There is no past and future inside. Only just now. Water is everywhere so there is no past and future. There is always present. If someone becomes like water then you will love everyone.

If you want to feel the depth of love then one is enough. The entire Universe can be experienced by one. If you are looking into one’s eyes, you are not just looking at them, you are seeing everything.

Some quotes about true love-

True love is about growing as a couple, learning about each other and never giving up on each other.

Love is true when it gives you the freedom to be the perfect reflection of your real self, doing exactly all you’ve ever wanted to be.

When love is real, it doesn’t lie, cheat, pretend, hurt you or make you feel unwanted. It’s supposed to be a cure to all your worries.

True love is when someone accepts your past, supports your presents, and encourages your future.

True love never counts how much money nor time you’ve spent, how many sacrifices you’ve made, how much love you gave because true love can’t be measured,

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