Causes of depression

In this post, we will discuss the causes of depression. If you want to know what is depression? then click here the meaning of depression.

cause of depression

Cause of depression

difference between cause and symptoms

This is a big difference between the two. symptoms are that reveals after something happens. And causes are that for which the problem is created. Here we discuss the root cause which helps you to get out of it.

Types of causes

There are two types of causes one is physical and another is the psychological level

physical level

There is something like this at the physical level, which should be released in our brain. For example serotonin, dopamine etc. There are some chemicals that should be released that are not releasing.  Because of that, you are feeling bad without any reason. Some reverse thought is going on with him, and another cycle is spinning. Because of that thought, you are feeling worse. If you feel worse then many negative thoughts come to you automatically.

darkroom causes of depression

As we get sad the sad songs are heard. And if you heard many sad songs then you feel worse. When we have a good mind, we listen to very good songs. both give impact to psychological and physical.

If we can understand these two and work on coming to both these levels, then we will be able to get the actual solution to this problem. Do you understand this carefully, what is wrong physically?  The chemical that should be released is not in our brain, and what should not be released is released. Due to that reason you are feeling bad. Due medication that chemical released artificially. After that, you are feeling better. Is it a permanent solution?

Permanent solution

the psychological level is the permanent solution.

There are two ways to cure the disease, one is to treat the symptoms of the disease and one is to cut the root of the disease. For example, there is no fuel in your car but you want to drive. Can you do it? No, because you have not fule. so first you should fill your car with fuel and then drive.

If someone has a stomach upset, can he eat anything with great pleasure? That is a physical cause. According to Ayurveda, the root of every disease in the stomach. Because whatever fuel our body needs, it goes through the stomach. Stomach converts it into energy from what we eat and spreads the whole body. If the stomach is not working properly then the brain will not be able to function properly.

Whenever you think too much, your body contract starts. What this medicine does is it relaxes for a while from all that has been contracted. One problem is in medication. What can medication do?  One is your body stress out.  Your stress relaxes when your organ is stressed out.  What can it do from the other side?  Can lift you up. You can release something chemical that causes you to get excited. Both these stages are dangerous if not natural.

Thinking is not a problem

Thinking is not a problem because you have to think before doing something. What do you think is the sportsman, whenever he is playing, at which level his thought process is going on? It is fast or slow?. The answer is very slow. Speed of thinking is not a problem.  If there is conflict in your thinking then there is some problem. If there is clarity, think as much as you want, there is no problem. We do not contract, expand as much as the clarity comes in thinking. So don’t ever think that thinking is a problem.

Why people use medicine?

What are the causes of these medicines?  You need your thinking and your mind is so relaxed that you don’t feel like doing anything. And what can it do from the other side?  Medicine can make you excited. If you go on increasing the dose of the chemical that is going in, then you will become so excited that you will also be conscious of what you are doing. you will be happier than necessary.

medicine for uses

Whenever you have been overjoyed, then you must have been bad in life, which is worse than the people, and excessive relaxation is also bad. How much will that need be for you? Nobody can do this. Should know yourself.  Our brain should be such that it doesn’t droll or is over-excited. The brain should always be in a normal state. Otherwise, a big problem is that due to these medicines, the attachment that we get, people get attached to it.  Then if there is also a normal state, if they are brought in it, then they will say that there is no fun in it.

The Psychological level

What is its permanent solution, we should think about it? What is fuel?

Fuel is only food, it is a big misunderstanding. Take an example to understand it better. The horse eats grass. That grass contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is made from sunlight. Indirectly horse eats sunlight. Sunlight does not just mean Vitamin D. Vitamin-D is one of the thousands of benefits of sunlight.

Types of fuel

There are 5 types of fuel need for our body these are earth, water, fire, air and sky. That is very very important for our body.

If the fuel goes right into our body then you do not need medicine. If you take the right kind of food for your body then that food is medicine without any side effects. You don’t need additional medicine. If you choose the right food for you.

water sky earth
water sky earth

fruits, vegetables etc are related to earth. Then comes water. If the water level is reduced then the bad feeling will start on its own. Fire means sun lights. There is no direct relation between sunlight and depression. If you are locked in a dark closed room for 7 days then a normal man will also go into depression. No man will ever come into depression if you are left free.
There is no possibility of life without air. After that comes the sky. Sky means free. When you are locked in a small room, you like it or feel good in the open.  It must have always been nice in the open.

Space is also a kind of fuel, have you ever paid attention to it? Your focus is only on thought. Do you know what a health-pick state is?  When the body-mind intellect and all the rest of our energy are working perfectly.

fill with positive

Before eating any medicine, go to the antidepressant centre for depression for at least 7 days and get a checkup done. Full life lies ahead of us. Take care of your body. Have you ever served your body? Nobody talks about their body. Whenever you are disturbed at the fuel level, stop making that mess, then the body will recover automatically. Once you are at ease then your mind becomes clear. Then by going there, you can even think about how to apply what I am doing right now in my life. If you can not do anything in 1yr then It will all be useless.


If you want to free from Depression then you have to take care of yourself physically and psychologically.

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