how to have confident body language?

If we want to make our body language extraordinarily, how will it happen? When I meet you, what is the first thing? The first thing is eye contact.


Eye contact should be such that where there is a slight smile on our face. Which should be natural depending on the situation. If you are going for a job interview, then there should be a smile limit. Whatever natural the situation is, we should have that smile on our face in that natural way.

eye contact BODY LANGUAGE

a most important quality for an extraordinary body language is smile.

What should be eye contact? What mistakes do some people make? When they make eye contact they do very much which makes the other person uncomfortable. It will feel a little strange if someone keeps looking at you. The eye contact that occurs in a job interview is not the right way of contact.

What other people make mistakes start to look down. This means that you are not interested in the conversion. you are not confident. eye contact must be straight But while talking in between, you can see here and there but not below.


If you talk to someone, you can shake your mouth slightly. You can lean forward a little bit. If you do it means you are showing your interest. due to interest conversation starts to body. I am not speaking anything and looking at each other, then some conversation is going on, it is not getting blocked.


movement of hands BODY LANGUAGE

With what you are speaking, the movement of the hand affects the front of you. If you are going for a job interview, then there is not much you can do. It depends on the situation. If you are explaining something to someone, then you can. Depending upon the situation that you’re sitting in. In job interviews, you have to sit in way. That is the strong possibility If you are confident outside then also you are confident inside.

Confident body language means sitting straight. That posture matters a lot. You have to observe your posture. As soon as you become defensive that means you are scared. We have two ways to act. Either you act with fear or you act with confidence.

You must completely relax. Your body, your mussels are completely relaxed. What happens to you while you are sitting comfortably makes a direct connection to whatever is speaking. If you are going for an interview somewhere and your connection is made, then your chances of getting selected will increase a lot. It must be from inside you. If you are sitting there, then your body language should be such that you are interested in whatever is going on.

types of body language
types of body language

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