How to conquer the fear of death?

In this post, we will discuss how to conquer your fear.


If you do not think, the moment you say, then that thinking will become more powerful. Don’t want to think where have been from? Because you are afraid of thinking. Then you will try to escape it. The more you are trying to escape it the more he will come after you with the more power. So what to do now? There is some kind of fears related to the future or related to any situation, our fear is not real. We are thinking that maybe it will happen, but it has happened so many times. That line has been removed from the middle.

some examples of fear

If you are doing a job somewhere, there is a fear in you that I was fired, I do not know what will happen in reality, you are not going to be fired, but you have sat in your mind to let me get fired. Meaning, two realities have arisen here, one is the fact, in reality, they have not even thought about removing you.  The other reality is that you are going to leave tomorrow. What does illusion mean? You are dreaming a kind of dream, the reaction that happens in our body is different from that in our body when it happens in real life. It is just like a dream time. As if a crocodile eats you in a dream or in real, then fear is equal. In both cases, the heartbeat stops and the body contract.

conquer fear everyday
conquer fear


How do we understand the difference between it? Everything whatever is there your memory. There are several types of fear in that memory? There is a lot of fear in us and everything is connected to our memory. Without memory mind is nothing. If you actually live in reality. Reality means free from everything, to be free from thought, to be free from the mind. The mind is going to be in your control. You will not be control of your mind. How does this happen?

What is its first step? Whatever lies inside is all nonsense, start from here. Very few people have the courage to start beforehand. We are holding a lot inside us.  We are holding narrow beliefs inside us. Believe always narrow. So you see this thinking, whatever lies inside is not a reality. That is just an illusion. After that, watching reality will begin.

Many times we know what reality is. Do you know what reality is? You may know and you may not know. What is the scientific mind? It never starts with that I know but it always starts with the assumption that I don’t know. Then It is possible that someone has died, then we accept that his death has taken place.  It believes or is reality. Maybe it is your belief. It is possible that a thing called death should happen in this world. It is possible that no one can die. Maybe death is a belief. Then, in reality, there is no death. If you put a question mark over there, then from there the possibilities are open up to know the truth.


Even if a ghost is true in your mind, you can be afraid of it. If the ghost is not there, how will you be afraid of it? Illusion can tease you as long as you hold it. As long as it’s true for you. As soon as you saw this truth.  If all this is false then fear is over. Right now we talk about the biggest fear, death that dies. What actually dies? You will say that the soul dies, the body dies. Actually nothing dies. Death is not possible, even if no one can die. How afraid now? All those who are afraid of this will not come.

Now we talked about the biggest fear and the biggest lie which is the biggest truth for the world. The world lives in things, no one goes into reality. You can see it is a fact so your reality has changed. If your reality is different from the reality of the world, then your world is different.

biggest fear of life
biggest fear


When you know everything there is no scope to know anything. And what you know is the root of the problem of your whole life. The moment there is a question you already have an answer and that is the problem. That answer is coming from your beliefs. And that believe is a problem. How have we reached reality? For example, Right now it is day for us but night for bat. So is it day or night in actual? It is just a standpoint. If you look at the point of view of a human being, it is day and if you see it from the point of view of the bat, it is night.

If you put a night vision camera in front of you, now the reality for you is that it is night. So am I the instrument I am looking through or I am going to see. We consider ourselves as instruments. If all the people in the world put bat’s eyes in front of all of them and put human eyes in front of the bat then the truth of the whole world will change. Reality is just a standpoint nothing else. That is a point of view through which you are seeing reality.


There are unlimited problems in your life. You can remove its solution yourself and why are you not able to remove it yourself? You have no problem in finding the solution to the problem of others, you get stuck by going to your own problem, weeping because of your own problem and laughing because of the problem of others. If you know this reality and I am possessing through this instrument. I am acting through this instrument. This is just an instrument.

I am the power to change this instrument. I have the power to do whatever I want through this Instrument. If you can look at the reality as it is and then act in this world then you are free to act. You are free from this mind because the mind is a part of this instrument. The mind is nothing but a software which is operating through the hardware. You can change your software and hardware. These both are temporary.

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I am the one acting through it. Then I’m immortal. There is no way to save the instrument. Similarly, when you live you are absolutely fearless. There is no fear of any kind. 

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