How to make others laugh?

Who likes to laugh? If someone likes to laugh, then it is good to make someone laugh.

It is not necessary to bring ‘why’ inside everything. We will have to relax. If you keep your hand open and relax, then the front also relaxes. If you become very conscious, then understand that you are confused. Even if you become very aggressive, the people in front are scared. There are people of every type in the world.

laugh is life


If we want to make others laugh, what is the quality that should be in us? We should observe. What Kapil does is that he connects to reality. Like comparing Indians with a foreigner or comparing star life with common life. Wherever people connect, people start laughing on their own. that is true. We have to observe to see the truth.

We are talking about what is the meaning of a good sense of humour in a conversion? Different people have different personalities in different places. The first impression is very very important. If you have entered the class, then you understand that it is the first day, it defines to a great extent how your rest day is going to go.

The first impression really matters a lot. On the first day, people will see you according to the way you will see your whole life. There is someplace where you go and speak and such laughter starts being fun. whatever you do, give the best joke of your life, even then people will not laugh. The image starts to form with the first impressions.

The greatest quality of laughing is to make fun of yourself. This is the safest zone. As much as you make fun of yourself, nobody has a problem. But where you made fun of someone else, what would happen that people would go into a different zone. If we are not able to laugh at ourselves and make fun of others, then you may get laughter on the Temperate Basis, but in the long run, I will be cut off from such people. Such people can never become good friends of anyone.

laugh and be happy
laugh and be happy


We think a lot before we speak.  If you think so much, where will the confidence come from? If there is no comedy in it, then it will be a comedy because when something unexpected happens to us.  As if someone is walking and he has fallen suddenly, then there will be laughter. Meaning what we were expecting was something completely opposite. Everyone is expecting that you will laugh, but you shut up and make some strange face, then people will say what has happened and will start laughing. Whatever it is. It has to be subcutaneous. It should not have many layers because it is not so important how much power your joke has? Basically it’s all about giving surprises to other people.


There is one who does comedy but he takes care of the other person and if someone gets hurt, then he manages the situation. We connect to it. We think that he is a good man. There is something wrong with making us laugh but he is a good person. If something goes out of your mouth, then you say that its intentions are fine.  Its purpose is not to make fun of anyone, but sometimes it happens in a joke. What’s wrong with the other side is that there is a guy who keeps making fun of the frontman.  He looks bad even though he is engaged.  He is trying to had to be funny that actually not happen. It should be effortless.

Where you have connected with someone, you do not need to do anything.  The connection is required. Those who are in front are not aware that they are copying you inadvertently.  The expression that we have should be such that the frontman does not feel that Khadush is sitting in front of us.

He should not feel that it is useless to talk to him.  It should seem that whatever you say to him will not be disturbed. If someone makes a joke about someone’s strength, there is no risk there.  He became a compliment as well as a comedy. 

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