What Is Schizophrenia?  “Did you know: 1 in 100 globally encounter Schizophrenia every day” it is a severe and debilitating mind and behaviour disorder affecting how one thinks feels and acts. People with it can have trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy, expressing and managing regular feelings and making decisions. Thought processes can also be disorganized … Read more WHAT IS SCHIZOPHRENIA?

How to conquer the fear of death?

In this post, we will discuss how to conquer your fear. INTRODUCTION TO FEAR If you do not think, the moment you say, then that thinking will become more powerful. Don’t want to think where have been from? Because you are afraid of thinking. Then you will try to escape it. The more you are … Read more How to conquer the fear of death?

What is the fear?

Here we discuss the exact meaning of fear. INTRODUCTION TO FEAR Do you know what is fear? If we understand what is the real meaning of the fear then you may be absolutely free from fear. We all know that fire burns. Are you afraid of fire? What fear will do will paralyse you unknowingly, … Read more What is the fear?

How to overcome loneliness?

How to overcome loneliness? Are you afraid of being alone or not? Suppose the people in your house have gone somewhere outside and you are alone in the house. So are you afraid of them going away? We can show ourselves strong, but inside we have a great fear inside us. Whenever we are alone … Read more How to overcome loneliness?


WHAT IS DEPRESSION? Depression is one thing that has become common nowadays. Even small children are saying that I am in depression. Now have to first understand what depression is? Is it just a psychological thinking or a physically chemical imbalanced inside of our brain? Is there any connection to that?  The way we are … Read more WHAT IS DEPRESSION?


SIGNS OF TRUE LOVE In Sanskrit love means prem. The word ‘Prem’ comes from param. The meaning of pram is highest or supreme. There is nothing before that. If you want to express love and emotion then, first of all, you should come to observe. To observe anything, you should come to stay first. We … Read more ABOUT SIGNS OF TRUE LOVE


You may think that self-love is a word you can describe it easily but you can’t. Here we describe you briefly and simply about Self-love. Just read the article and share your love with others. What do you think is self-love? Self-love means someone who loves himself. Never can do wrong for yourself. The real … Read more WHAT DOES SELF-LOVE MEANS?


 There will be a query to know the term “PSYCHOLOGY” and its types in your mind. We will discuss it below. DEFINITION OF PSYCHOLOGY The direct meaning of the word Word Psychology comes from two Greek Word Psyche and Logos. Psyche Means Soul and Logos Means Study. Direct Meaning of the Word Psychology means studies … Read more WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY?