Types of phobia based on daily life


In today’s post, we are going to know In our life, what types of fears are hidden in our brain. As feared by the height or darkness. There is definitely some fear or something in our lives, due to which we have a lot of trouble. This is what we call phobia. There are so many types of phobias. Here we discuss some of them.

fear of ghost
fear of ghost



Nomophobia is that phobia when we realize how I would live without my phone? Even someone thinks that my phone is not with me, then suddenly it comes once that my phone is lost somewhere. That is Nomophobia.

1. Students these days have Nomophobia.
2. People who have Nomophobia usually have a lot of anxiety issues.
It is not a healthy phobia. You should come to live without a phone.


aerophobia is when people are afraid to fly (On aeroplanes).

1. Sometimes people on a plane, that time they get aerophobia started.
2. I’m tired of my aerophobia, it just let me enjoy.


When you reach a height, the type of fear you have is acrophobia. Then when the height is direct Such as towers. In such a situation it seems that I am about to fall.

1. Because of acrophobia, people cannot go on rollercoaster rides.
2. Acrophobia gets me nervous and that’s why I don’t go to my friend’s place because she stays on the 30th floor.


Our next phobia is what does not let us be alone. Like when you are sitting alone or going somewhere you become absolutely nervous that no one is with me.  What shall I do alone? This is what we call monophobia.

fear of alone

Because of monophobia, I cannot live alone in my home.
She has monophobia, that’s why always calls her mother along everywhere.


What does glossophobia mean?  When you are afraid to talk in front of people. Looks like how I will talk? What will he say, what will he think? If you are afraid to talk in front of people, then you have glossophobia.

Because of glossophobia, I have lost many opportunities to speak in public.
Glossophobia makes me quite, but I am not shy. 


The fear that arises from water is called aqua phobia. A lot of people are scared of water or afraid of water.

I can’t swim, I have aquaphobia.


The phobia that is produced by looking at the blood is hemophobia. Suddenly when you see blood and you get nervous.  And fear is hemophobia.

fear of blood

1. If you want to be a doctor you can not be hemophobic.
2. As a Science student, I had hemophobia and I used to fail in practicals.


claustrophobia is the fear caused by living in a room or a small place. You feel that when you are in the middle of four walls or the lift is closed, then suddenly your heart starts to panic and you feel that I have to go out.  That fear is called claustrophobia.

1. I got inside the elevator and got claustrophobic.
2. Usually, I like big rooms because I am claustrophobic.

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