You may think that self-love is a word you can describe it easily but you can’t. Here we describe you briefly and simply about Self-love. Just read the article and share your love with others.

What do you think is self-love?

Self-love means someone who loves himself. Never can do wrong for yourself. The real definition of self-love is self-discipline. But according to humans, self-love means freedom. I can do whatever I want. I can live on my own. What is this world that rules me over? Who are they to tell me what to do and what not to do?

 The meaning of self-love that we understand is wrong. I will do whatever my mind says. If you follow your mind that is not self-love. Your mind is your big enemy. There is something else you want on your mind but there is something else you do. It is your mind that is driving you away in a different direction.

It is a very important definition so you read carefully. If your body and mind is your end goal then you are love in yourself. If you are using your body for pleasure then you are not in self-love. This is exactly the way you are in a relationship with someone and if you are using them to achieve something then you do not love that person. For example, today, a lot of dowry runs in India although it is legally banned. If that boy wants money, does he love that girl? Does that boy love money, not girl? He is using the girl or marriage to reach the money. We cannot say that is love.

love yourself
be you love yourself

Take another example, if your family is using you to complete their dream which does not mean far away from your capability, from your passion and from your interest. You cannot call it love. If they actually love their children then they will try to understand what their child wants and what not. Is he thinks that then their end goal is their child?. It means they love their child. They are not just speaking but they are doing. So this care is love to do the right thing. If you can do the right thing then that is self-love.

What are you doing when you are alone? Are you doing what is right or doing what is your mind said? If you are going according to your mind when you don’t love yourself but destroying yourself, your future, your body and also your mind. You may feel that you love yourself but it is not true.

 Self-discipline is self-love.

People who have achieved something in their life is only due to self-discipline. Discipline is not a negative word. If you fall in love with discipline then you can achieve many more. Meaning of self-discipline is doing what is right. Quality of time is needed. To maintain quality, rest, relaxation and gap are necessary.

self-discipline is self-love

Take the example of a student. He wants to study 5hr daily. To maintain the study hour that student must take a rest. Suppose he will be engaged in mobile then what will happen after 2hours. After that, he is getting so tired mentally and physically. After that, he cannot able to maintain his study time. If the other hand, the boy came out of the house and he joining their friend then he will relax. After that, he can maintain their quality study. We learn from both incident that if you are having fun so that you can do what is right then that fun is also right. But you are fun just for fun, you are wrong.

What you are trying to do even after repeated failure is that you are in discipline.

For example, if any of us are kicked for eating chocolate, then the meaning of self-discipline is quit eating chocolate. If you are trying repeated to quit eating chocolate but you are failing. Even after that, you are trying then you really love yourself.

Self-discipline comes from self-love.

I love myself, so I can’t give up. If you are love pleasure then you can give up.

Where there is doubt there is no love. Life does not give what you want, life gives you what you deserve. If you deserve it you will get it. Do whatever is right for you in the long term then you are love in yourself.

Some quotes about self-love

beauty begins the moment you decided to be yourself

be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy

be your own reason to smile

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