What is the fear?

Here we discuss the exact meaning of fear.


Do you know what is fear? If we understand what is the real meaning of the fear then you may be absolutely free from fear. We all know that fire burns. Are you afraid of fire? What fear will do will paralyse you unknowingly, will not let you do anything.

letter of fear
letter of fear

An example,

One girl is afraid that if I go away from society and do something, what will happen?  It will not be good for that girl but good for society because what they want is happening. Good for your family members because they are able to control you out of worry, but is it good for you?

Suppose you are doing a job somewhere, you should be told that if you make a mess, you will be fired. You are working there because of afraid. Good for those where you work but not for you.

Where we use ‘HOW TO’

‘HOW TO’ is necessary for the physical world. There is no existence ‘HOW TO’ in the psychological world. You have anger and you want to know how to control my angle? There is no way. If you do not know how to drive, but you will know how to drive this car, now you go and learn the car first, then you can drive. You are angry for some reason, how angry is it?  Since when is?  What is his reason?  Is it logical or not.  Maybe someone is genuinely torturing you at the physical level, because if you are angry then that anger is justified.


At first, we have to understand what the situation is? and then act accordingly. This is the right way to work at the psychological level. But what is wrong?  Our habit is lying ‘How to’, so we are trying to put ‘How to’ at the level of Psychology too. This is right at the physical level. If you have to crack an exam then you will use ‘How to’.But you are afraid of something, how will you control fear there?

Let’s take an example Like you see a ghost.  You are asking how to overcome that ghost, it could be one way. And another way could be what is the ghost? To understand whether there are ghosts or not. Do you see the difference between the two?

fear of ghost
fear of ghost

Nobody in this world asks this question what is fear? You are saying you can’t be absolutely fearless that means you are accepting worry. The worry that binds you. There is always a fear that what will happen if it is done and if it is not done? This is our life. If you have a little intelligence, you can see that worry is binding you.

You are not able to do what you want to do because of fear, and what you are doing without mind is also due to fear. Is Desire not the root of fear? Is attachment not the root of fear? Are you ready to give up your Desire? If not then you can’t be fearless.


There is a desire in you to crack any exam, fear as much as you desire. You are equally afraid of losing the person you have an attachment with. You have given too much importance to something inside you. Anything will be afraid of losing it. So isn’t Desire and Fear the same? is it both different? These are two different aspects of the same coin. You may think that desire is a positive thing and fear is a negative thing. Is Desire not negative? Fear is coming because of Desire.


If there is too much desire in someone, how much fear will there be in him? If there is no desire within anyone, then there will be no bother in him. Now you can see inside yourself how many desires are there inside you?  How much attachment is there?  As much as there is attachment, things which are attached, people who are attached as much as you have fear. As life increases, stress will also increase. And you are going to be more upset. If you want, you can do the actions without any fear, as the responsiveness will increase, the stress will increase in you. As many attachments are afraid to arise.  Who do we have an attachment with, have you ever thought? Do you have an attachment to work or attachment to what you get from work? What happens if you get attached to the work?


There is no other way. Love is the only way. Where there is love there is no fear.  We are thinking that attachment is necessary for love to happen. While there is no connection between these two. Where there is attachment there is worry. Where there is stress there is no love.
Parents say we love our children very much.  Those parents are creating pressure on their children to study and job. If you really love, you will make your child according to their choice and talent.

And not what I think is right for him. There is a big difference between these two. If in reality, you want to be completely free from fear, there is only one way that is love. There is no other way. If you really love something, If you have to endure torture for that too then that torture also looks good. If you have to study for some work then you will read with love if you love it. 

love is the only way to freedom from fear
love is the only way to freedom from fear

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